Broomtail — A long, bushy-tailed range charger, usually unbroken. Note that this glossary is not in any way affiliated with Urban Dictionary.

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Bockey — A bowl or vessel made from a gourd. Blarney — Stories, flattery, tall tales, idle discourse. Barrier Play: Each number one through six was worth a TV set of some type. Contestants on this account rolled the dice themselves, instead of having a hostess roll for them. For example, if a 10 was rolled, the contestant could remove a few available combination that added up en route for that number: , 2—8, 3—7, 4—6, 1—2—7, 1—3—6, 1—4—5, 2—3—5, or 1—2—3—4, providing that none of the digits within the combination had already been removed. The people in our alleyway call me Salvation Sally, Since I have been converted, but I aim to bear the load, They about I must be balmy to attempt and join the army, That leads you to salvation in the White-chapel Road. Not all of the recruits were former slaves; most were at no cost blacks of Northern parentage and a lot of had served with distinction during the Civil War. The first edition was released by E. Urban Thesaurus crawls the web and collects millions of different slang terms, many of which come from UD and turn absent to be really terrible and inattentive this is the nature of built-up slang, I suppose.

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It is a sheltered way to agreement with a guarantee that they, designed for the most part, have an benefit. Due to the way the algorithm works, the thesaurus gives you above all related slang words, rather than accurate synonyms. Prizes that were banked although not won during a game were returned to their columns. Bockey — A bowl or vessel made as of a gourd. Only casinos with "substantial financial firepower" can accommodate high-stakes betting due to the volatility of results. The first horse to move four spaces on the track won the race and a prize for the contestant. Smiling Wink's Car Lot: All number on a die represented a new car, except number six, which represented a "clunker," a used although operational car. Not at all akin to focusing on duping to build your chances, diversion specialists prescribe that players like to wager on the back. Blow — To taunt; to deride.

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Bouge — To swell out, to be full to bursting. Full House: Each number on a die corresponded to a different area of a house. Blue Stocking — An epithet applied to literary ladies. Blather — Impudence. Rabbit Test: The models wore fur coatsone of which was fake and the other was real rabbit fur. Blusteration — The noise of a braggart.

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