The only area of improvement I accompany is the frequent player cards. Able poker players here though, went arrange a Saturday and lost a bit more than I hoped on a few bad beats

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Gotta Love Those Characters

We are the only casino in Southern California located along the ocean arrange the Interstate 5 freeway Mission Boulevard exit and less than a mile from some of the area's a good number picturesque beaches. It serves it's aim for a card fix and amazingly decent food for incredible prices. A good number players are older regulars especially designed for limit gamesthough there is a course after the 1st and 15th of every month with military members as of nearby Camp Pendleton. The people at this juncture are the nicest and food attribute is high with ridiculously low prices. It all goes up from around.

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But you don't like this place after that you aren't a real player. Our Daily Omaha Jackpot has the easiest qualifying hand with jackpots whenever Quads Nines are beaten by higher Quads and both the winning and behind players use both their hole cards to make their hands. Tables are clustered together perhaps a bit add closely than one would like, although not claustrophobically so. This poker area is a class act. On a side note, this place is not known for their ability to bake meat. There is a mural of the "Rat Pack" that is a few sort of dated tired theme they are trying to achieve.

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Before a live audience any of the other table games will cost you a commission arrange every bet not smart when the odds are already against you. Dealers really know their stuff; players by low limits are generally friendly after that having fun, even when losing. Barely twice in the 5 hours I played did our table go along to 5 people or less. Finest place to play poker between OC and San Diego. With 50 tables of gaming action, you can all the time find your favorite game and agenda limits. Quality of play is all the time getting better so play cautious! Gotta Love Those Characters The older bloke to my left became agitated after nobody called his turn bet of 50 chips during the first aim, with the blinds at

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I like the Racing for Dollars all the rage which you play and accrue hours for cash prizes. This was my first taste of live poker as moving to San Diego in , and it was a lot of fun. The waitresses come by absolutely frequently, negotiating the minefield of closely-set tables and dozens of wheel-up consumption tables. I laughed out loud after someone Yelp'd that this place was "ghetto. Crazy Pineapple Crazy Pineapple is similar to Omaha except each actor is dealt three 3 hole cards and players must discard one 1 of their three 3 hole cards after the Flop. Cheap good cooking at the tables. This place is a glorified card room not all the rage a bad sense so poker is the only real reason to act up. If Poker Tournaments are your taste, we offer daily and every night tournaments Monday through Friday at 10am and Monday through Thursday at 7pm, and Friday at 6pm.

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