Crown then faced a new challenge, along with a downturn in Chinese consumer cost crimping revenue from Chinese high-rollers by its Australian tables.

Australian Currency 66493

Chief gambling researcher and senior lecturer by Melbourne's Monash University, Associate Professor Charles Livingstone claims industry regulators are accountable for alleged links between gambling after that organised crime. SALLY SARA: For members of the public who may allow trouble imagining that the scale after that the activities of some of these multimillion dollar high rollers, can you give us a kind of a picture of what some of these top level players are like? A spokesman for Consolidated Press Holdings, Packer's company which holds his Crown shares, was also not immediately available designed for comment. AAP: Tracey Nearmy "In this situation where Crown has suffered the biggest fine in its year account, you shouldn't just blame anonymous baton, but instead show some clear answerability amongst senior executives and the directors, most of whom have been face-to-face selected by the controlling shareholder, James Packer.

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